1. The camp-meeting is one of the most important agencies in our work. It is one of the most effective methods of arresting the attention of the people.--Testimonies, vol. 6, p. 31.  {ChS 194.1} 
  2. In our work we have been perplexed to know how to break through the barriers of worldliness and prejudice, and bring before the people the precious truth which means so much to them. The Lord has instructed us that the camp-meeting is one of the most important instrumentalities for the accomplishment of this work.--Testimonies, vol. 6, pp. 31, 32.  {ChS 194.2}


1. Family Life

From the camp meeting we may take with us a better understanding of our home duties. There are lessons to be learned here regarding the work the Lord would have our sisters do in their homes. They are to learn to cultivate politeness of speech when speaking to husband and children. They are to study how they may help to bring every member of the family under discipline to God. Let fathers and mothers realize that they are under obligation to make home pleasant and attractive, and that obedience is not to be obtained by scolding and threats. Many parents have yet to learn that no good is accomplished by outbursts of scolding. Many do not consider the need of speaking kindly to the children. They do not remember that these little ones are bought with a price and are the purchased possession of the Lord Jesus.  {CG 76.1} 

2. Sermons, exhortations and prayer

Soon after this the camp meeting closed, and we started for home. My mind was full of the sermons, exhortations, and prayers we had heard. {CET 19.3} 

We meet together to edify one another by an interchange of thoughts and feelings, to gather strength, and light, and courage by becoming acquainted with one another's hopes and aspirations; by our earnest, heartfelt prayers, offered up in faith, we receive refreshment and vigor from the Source of our strength.--Testimonies, vol. 2, p. 578.  {ChS 194.3} 

3. To promote spiritual life

Our camp-meetings have another object. . . . They are to promote spiritual life among our own people. . . . God has committed to our hands a most sacred work, and we need to meet together to receive instruction, that we may be fitted to perform this work. We need to understand what part we shall individually be called upon to act in building up the cause of God in the earth, in vindicating God's holy law, and in lifting up the Saviour as "the Lamb of God, which taketh away the sin of the world." John 1:29. We need to meet together and receive the divine touch that we may understand our work in the home.--Testimonies, vol. 6, pp. 32, 33.  {ChS 194.4} 

4. As a school to teach believers practical method for ministerial work

Properly conducted, the camp-meeting is a school where pastors, elders, and deacons can learn to do more perfect work for the Master. It should be a school where the members of the church, old and young, are given opportunity to learn the way of the Lord more perfectly, a place where believers can receive an education that will help them to help others.--Testimonies, vol. 6, p. 49.  {ChS 195.1}

In connection with our camp-meetings in past years, God's servants have improved many precious opportunities for instructing our people in practical methods of presenting the saving truths of the third angel's message to their friends and acquaintances. Many have been taught how to labor as self-supporting missionaries in their home communities. Many have returned home from these annual gatherings, to labor with greater zeal and intelligence than hitherto. It would be pleasing to God if far more of this practical instruction were given the church members who attend our camp-meetings, than has usually been given in years past. Our general workers and our brethren and sisters in every conference should remember that one of the objects of our annual gatherings is that all may gain a knowledge of practical methods of personal missionary work.--Testimonies, vol. 9, p. 81.  {ChS 195.2}  

By engaging in work at the camp-meeting, all may be learning how to work successfully in their home churches.-- Testimonies, vol. 6, p. 49.  {ChS 195.4} 

5. To teach unbelievers

   Tent meetings have been continued in Newcastle since the camp meeting closed, and thirty-five have been converted and baptized. Many more are interested. Wonderful conversions have been witnessed among men who had not attended a religious meeting for years before coming to the tent. Smokers and liquor drinkers have seen themselves in the gospel mirror as transgressors of the law, and have in repentance received Christ as their personal Saviour. The ministers are astonished, for they see those who were smokers and beer drinkers no longer smoking and drinking, but changed and converted. This to them seems like a miracle.{DG 108.2}

Things you can do during camp meeting:

1. Pass out literatures

   At some of our camp-meetings, strong companies of workers have been organized to go out into the city and its suburbs to distribute literature and invite people to the meetings. By this means hundreds of persons were secured as regular attendants during the last half of the meeting who otherwise might have thought little about it.-- Testimonies, vol. 6, p. 36.  {ChS 195.5} 

2. Bible Study

  It has been shown me that our camp-meetings are to increase in interest and success. As we approach nearer the end, I have seen that in these meetings there will be less preaching, and more Bible study. There will be little groups all over the ground with their Bibles in their hands, and different ones leading out in a free, conversational study of the Scriptures.--Testimonies, vol. 6, p. 87.  {ChS 196.4}

3. Healthy Cooking

We should put forth greater efforts to teach the people the truths of health reform. At every camp meeting an effort should be made to demonstrate what can be done in providing an appetizing, wholesome diet from grains, fruits, nuts, and vegetables. In every place where new companies are brought into the truth, instruction should be given in the science of preparing wholesome food. Workers should be chosen who can labor from house to house in an educational campaign.  {CD 443.1}

4. Health Message

At the camp meeting, instruction on health topics should be given to the people. At our meetings in Australia, lectures on health subjects were given daily, and a deep interest was aroused. {CD 443.3}

5. Children’s Class

During the Newcastle camp meeting children's meetings were appointed. The best teachers were appointed, and during the week from one hundred to one hundred and twenty children came to the meetings each day. These were given precious lessons on the love of Christ and His willingness to save all who would come to Him. Between three and four hundred children came out to the meetings held on Sabbath and Sunday afternoons. The children behaved well, and when they returned to their homes they told their parents about the lessons they had learned. Some of these parents have received the truth.{DG 108.1}

6. Question and answer

Let the discourses be short and right to the point, and then let other exercises come in. Especially should Bible readings be often held, and both believers and unbelievers should have an opportunity to ask questions upon points which they do not understand. And special meetings should be held for those who are interested in the truth, and who need instruction.  {GW92 221.3}

Attendance to camp meeting deems necessary
Put forth extra exertion to attend the gathering of God's people. {CCh 248.1}

Our camp-meetings are arranged and held at great expense. God's ministers who advocate unpopular truth, labor excessively at these large gatherings to bear the message of mercy from a crucified Redeemer to poor fallen sinners. To neglect or treat these messages with indifference, is to slight the mercy of God and His voice of warning and entreaty. Your absence from these meetings has been very detrimental to your spiritual welfare. You have missed the strength that you might have gained there by listening to the preached word of God, and mingling with the believers of the truth.--Testimonies, vol. 4, p. 115.  {ChS 197.1} 

Brother K, at any sacrifice, should feel under solemn obligation to attend, with his family, at least the yearly gatherings of those who love the truth. It would strengthen him and them, and fit them for trial and duty. It is not well for them to lose the privilege of associating with those of like faith; for the truth loses its importance in their minds, their hearts cease to be enlightened and vivified by its sanctifying influence, and they lose spirituality.  Testimonies, vol. 4, p. 106.  {ChS 197.2} 

Let all who possibly can, attend these yearly gatherings. All should feel that God requires this of them. If they do not avail themselves of the privileges which He has provided that they may become strong in Him and in the power of His grace, they will grow weaker and weaker, and have less and less desire to consecrate all to God.  {ChS 197.3} 

Come, brethren and sisters, to these sacred convocation meetings, to find Jesus. He will come up to the feast. He will be present, and He will do for you that which you most need to have done. Your farms should not be considered of greater value than the higher interests of the soul. All the treasures which you possess, be they ever so valuable, would not be rich enough to buy you peace and hope, which would be infinite gain, if it cost you all you have and the toils and sufferings of a lifetime. A strong, clear sense of eternal things, and a heart willing to yield all to Christ, are blessings of more value than all the riches, and pleasures, and glories of this world.--Testimonies, vol. 2, pp. 575, 576.  {ChS 198.1} 

Where should the camp be held and how long should it be:
There are other towns not a long distance from here, which must have a camp meeting next year. This is the very plan of God how the work should be carried. Those who have had the light for years to enter new fields with the tent, and have held the camp meetings in the same ground for years, need to be converted themselves, because they do not heed the word of the Lord.--Letter 174, 1900.  {Ev 61.3}

There was given me another sight. Tents were taken to different places during camp meeting season. Camp meetings were held in different locations. These were conducted by able, God-fearing men, having suitable helpers. There were children's meetings and revival meetings and an earnest effort to bring the people to a decision. A Paul may plant, an Apollos water, but God giveth the increase. . . .  {Ev 150.1} 

Camp meetings are to be held in many places, and evangelistic work is to be done after the camp meeting is over. Thus the sheaves are to be gathered in.  {Ev 399.1} 

  If our camp-meetings are conducted as they should be, they will indeed be a light in the world. They should be held in the large cities and towns where the message of truth has not been proclaimed. And they should continue for two or three weeks. It may sometimes be advisable to hold a camp-meeting for several successive seasons in the same place; but as a rule the place of meeting should be changed from year to year. Instead of having mammoth camp-meetings in a few localities, more good would be done by having smaller meetings in many places. Thus the work will be constantly extending into new fields. . . .  {GW 400.2} 

Preparation before the camp meeting
The success of the meeting depends on the presence and power of the Holy Spirit. For the outpouring of the Spirit every lover of the cause of truth should pray. And as far as lies in our power, we are to remove every hindrance to His working. The Spirit can never be poured out while variance and bitterness toward one another are cherished by the members of the church. Envy, jealousy, evil surmising, and evilspeaking are of Satan, and they effectually bar the way against the Holy Spirit's working. {CCh 248.4}

After the camp
Our people make a great mistake when, after holding a camp meeting and gathering a few souls, they take down the tents and feel that their duty is done. Their work had only just begun. They have preached doctrines that are new and strange to the people who heard them, and then left the seed sown to be picked up by the birds, or else to wither away for want of moisture. . . .  {Ev 431.4} 

  What should be done? After the camp meeting is over, establish a mission. Let the very best workers that can be found be organized into a company to sell our literature and also give away papers to some that cannot buy. Preparatory work is not of one half the value that the afterwork is.  {Ev 432.2} 

How to fund camp-meetings:
As the meeting progressed, the camp meeting plan was heartily approved, and it was voted that the next annual conference be held in camp. Resolutions were adopted endorsing the Australasian Bible School, and funds were contributed,--five hundred dollars for the furniture, and four hundred dollars as a students' aid fund. Two hundred and seventy dollars was subscribed as a camp meeting fund.  {LS 342.3}